Will Clancy Co-Director of Youth & Facilities Coordinator/Custodian

Will Clancy is a proud third-generation member at First Presbyterian Church. His grandparents started attending the church around the late 1950’s. His father, Percy Clancy and aunt Margaret Clancy both grew up in the church and later both married int he church as well. Will’s older sister, Sarah Mahoney, was also married in the church and had her first child baptized here in 2018.

Will is a 2012 graduate of Owensboro High School. There, he played sports, was involved in the drama program, and participated in several clubs such as Governor’s School for the Arts and Christian Student Athletes. Will’s hobbies include: hiking, camping, kayaking, playing sport and when he is not outside, you can usually find him with his nose in a book.

Will was part of the youth group when he was younger here at First Presbyterian Church and after graduating high school he would always chaperone trips whether they were a few days long or even mission trips. In total, Will has attended, chaperoned, and helped lead around 13 mission trips. He has also lead and chaperoned five youth conferences. He also has been going to annual youth retreats at Camp Loucon. His love for youth ministry continues on as he is now the Co-Director of Youth Ministries. As Co-Director of Youth Ministries, his goal is to provide middle and high school students with a welcoming, safe and encouraging community, which encompasses faith discover, spiritual growth, dedication to Jesus Christ, and full engagement at First Presbyterian Church. Here, will hopes to develop space where middle and high school students gather not to witness and event but to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

In addition to youth ministry, Will serves as the church’s Facilities Coordinator, where he works to maintain and care for the property and assist members and outside groups in utilizing the space. Will has loved every minute of his work at the church. He says that it is his home away from home and that the members here at this church are a loving community of faith and love, who show that love to one another each time we see each other and celebrate that we are a big family through Christ’s amazing love.